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To meet demand on the archipelago, the number of cars available here being limited during the high season, we have to import additional vehicles in order to honor the actual reservations and accommodate the new needs of the tourist customers. The Agence de location des iles is increasing its fleet of vehicles available for only a few months to meet customer demand. However, to do so, we must make sure that the people to whom we allow new reservations are sure to travel (purchased plane ticket, accommodation booked and guaranteed). A new booking is now conditional to a deposit up to 30% of the total amount of the reservation. This will be taken at the time of booking and non-refundable at any time. The balance owing will be paid upon delivery of the vehicle.

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to welcome you on the islands in the coming weeks!

Rental policies

1.1 Reservations recommandations

Due to a growth of touristic and corporate traffic on the Islands, it is high recommended all year long to book your car rental as soon as possible, especially in the high season for the corporate travellers, touristic or local customers. We suggest a delay of a few months before a trip located between june 1st and september 30th.

We also suggest to all visitors to book the car rental at the same time of their flight, ferry, C.T.M.A cruise, international cruises booking to avoid an unavailability for the desired time.

1.2. Respect of the pick-up and drop-off date and time

Each customer must pick-up and drop-off the vehicle at the scheduled time, otherwise additional charges may apply. Vehicles must be picked-up and returned during business hours of the offices. Some exceptions due to particular situations may be considered according to an buy generic xanax online usa agreement with management, especially for pick-up and drop-off from the ferry or for insurance replacement cases.

1.3. Age required for all rentals

 All drivers must be 21 years old or older for every rental categories. Also, each driver must have a valid personal credit card to book a car. Some exceptions may apply for commercials accounts or insurance replacements.

1.4. Required damage waiver

A damage waiver is mandatory for all car rentals everywhere in Canada. All customers must be covered by their own credit card, or personal/corporate insurance including the FAQ27 clause. It is very important to valid the information before making the booking and be informed about the procedure to follow if a claim is required. If you do not have the coverage needed, you can buy one from the Agency, rates determined according to the choosen deductable. The customer have until the pick-up time to add one.

A damage waiver is not mandatory for scooter rental but highly recommended. Please note that most of the credit cards and a FAQ27 are usually not transferable on a scooter or motorcycle rental due to high incident risks. When the customer decline the damage waiver offered by the rental company, he is totally responsible of the full value of the scooter or motorcycle and the damage amount will be charge on the credit card on file after reveiving the estimate of the damage cost.

1.5. Car inspection – before and after rental

 All customers receive an inspection sheet and important instructions to avoid certain unwanted fees when returning the car rental. They have to pay attention to them and sign them before to leave. Each inspection has to be verified at the beginning and at the end of the rental. It is very important to advise the agency if there is any abnormalities with the inspection to avoid ambiguities at the return of the vehicle.

1.6. Refueling required

 The rental cost is payed at the drop-off of the car. Make sure to fill up the gas at the maximum. If it is not done at the drop-off, we will ask you to please fill it at the closer gas station. If you refuse, a $2.75/ liter missing will be add on your rental invoice.


2. Cancellation, modification and deposit policies

2.1. Cancellation and deposit policies

Each reservation is conditional to a 30% deposit. Please note that if the deposit is declined on the credit card, your booking is not guaranteed. We allow a delay of 48 hours after an email or phone communication has been received from one of our agent to guarantee your booking. If we stay without news, the reservation will be automatically cancelled. In case of a cancellation within 7 days prior a 3 to 7 days reservation, a one-day rental will apply as well as the deposit already taken.  For longer stays during more than a week, an additional day rental will be charged as well as the deposit already taken.

2.2. Rental modification policy

Modifications can be made to a reservation without charges if availability allows ( date modifications, car category with an adjustment to the prevailing rate) while respecting the expected duration of the rental.

In case of a shortened stay between june 1st to september 30th, a one-day rental penalty will be applied.

*Please note that for changes made on a package purchased from a travel agency, some restrictions may apply.

**Please note that corporate customers are not subject to the 30% deposit and also, there is no charge for  cancellation or modification to the reservation.

In case of a commercial flight delay or cancellation, we ask you to advise your rental company as soon as possible.

If the flight is delay, you must drop-off the car at the time that appear on the agreement. For an extension of the stay, you have to contact an agent of the Agence de location des Îles to verify if it is possible or not. If availability allows, we will be able, at this time, to extend  the contract with an adjustment to the prevailing rate. The agency does not commit to extend the agreement based on a customer request.

2.3. Deposit refund policy

In case of a cancellation or a no-show,  except for a complete cancellation stay due to medical reasons or relatives death with supporting evidence, the deposit is non refundable.

The cancellation justification must be send no later than 48 hours before the planned trip, otherwise, the deposit remains non refundable.


3.  Damages policies

 We know that a damage is never pleasant, but it is part of things that unfortunately happen sometimes. We know that a distraction can also quickly happen. When you realize that you received a damage or that you have made one during your rental, we ask you to report it as soon as possible. In case of an insurance claim, whether for a file opening or for a credit card claim, it is the customer responsability and duty to make his own steps. Please note that it will be a pleasure to offer any help needed with the claim if required.


3.1. Flat tire

 In case of a flat tire, we offer a  24 hrs roadside assistance service. Our company has also a towing service on-site. If we can fix the tire and there is no damage to the hubcaps, there will be no applicable charge.

However, in case of a tire or hubcaps damages, the tire replacement will be at the charge of the customer.


3.2. Damage recorded by our Agency at the drop-off of the car

 When a damage is noticed by the Agency at the drop-off of the car,a verification of all prior inspections is meticulously done to be sure that no mistake could have been made by an employee at the time of the inspection. After informing the customer of a new damage noticed, an estimate is made by an experimented bodyshop company from the Islands. Please note that the customer has the right to request a second estimate but he will have to pay a $50.00 CDN charge to the agency or to the bodyshop company directly to cover the fees.

It is important to know that the customer who refuse the damage waiver from the Agency is responsible for any damage caused personally or by a third part including friction of the bumper, hit and run, door opening stroke, scratches, bump, broken windows or mirrors, broken tire, indoor broken equipment etc.

We know at the Agence de location des Îles that it is disappointing to claim for a damage done by a third part but we release ourselve from any responsibility in that case.

*Never will we tolerate inappropriate behavior such as verbal or physical abuse, threats, harassment, willful damage to the reputation of our employees, officers or the company directly for a damage done to a rental vehicle.


3.3. Applicable penalties at the drop-off of the vehicle in case of non-compliance of the agreement.

 3.3.1          All vehicles are non-smoking

Smells or traces of smoke inside the vehicle : $700.00 CDN

                   (additional fees apply in case of damage)


3.3.2          No animals are allowed in the vehicle under any circumstance for the respect of the next customer who will use it.The only authorized exceptions is for the accompaniment of guide dog or small dogs in a transportation bag/cage. The Agency has to be advised at the time of the reservation to have the time to take the necessary measures before the customer arrival.

Animals furs: $125.00 CDN


3.3.3          We ask our customers to have a « normal use » of the rented car. If you judge that  the vehicle is not in an acceptable condition to return it, please do a first clean.

Excessive dirt ( sand, mud excess, spilled liquids etc…) : $75.00 CDN or more.

                   (additional fees may apply in case of special cleaning needs)


3.3.4           It is prohibed to carry bicycles in or out the vehicle, including the installation of a bicycle rack on the rear bumpers. It is always windy on the Islands and because of that particularity it

may causes damage on the bumpers. Kite equipments (boards, sails etc..) are also prohibed except with a special agreement with management. To be authorized, we have to determinate

the right category of vehicle according the equipments sizes. They have to be cleaned and placed in transportation bags. In addition of the material damage that can occur, salt water

also causes  damage to the various fabrics and strong sea smells are difficult to eliminate.

Damages caused by equipments ( tools, kite equipments, bicycle etc…)

(additional fees may apply according to the extent of damage and repair estimate)


3.3.5          Vehicle use are limited to asphalt and gravel streets . Off-road traffic is strictly prohibed,

Especially on beaches, sand and trails. In addition to damage on vehicle and high probability of getting stuck, you contribute to the destruction of our already fragile dunes. We ask you to please respect our vehicles, but also our environments.


(Tow and/or damage under the vehicule fees are applicable according to type of tow service

                  Needed and/or damage – until $2000 penalty applicable)