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Service Routier Léon Lapierre Inc.

Year after year, the company adjusts itself to client demand by providing a fleet of more than 100 recent vehicles during the summer months and over 30 cars in its new division of used car rental. The used division will be in operation starting on 2023 June 1st to September 30th A wide range of models is available for any rental duration, according to custommer needs and all budgets .

Three offices

Whether you arrive by commercial or private plane, boat, one of the CTMA’s ships, we will welcome you at one of our points of service; either inside the airport or on the main Island of Cap-aux-Meules, less than one kilometer from the port.
For 2023, a third office will be in operation not far from the airport to serve the custommer of the new division of used cars. Its will be accessible from the adjacent land to the Havre-aux-Maisons airport.  As the new owners of Location d’autos Archipel, their custommers will be accomodated from October to may with the regular fleet of the Agence de location des îles, directly inside the airport, respecting rates offered by Location d’autos Archipel.
For your next vacation or business trip, rest assured that the Agence de location des Îles will exceed your expectations, offering a fast, courteous and professional service, as well as reliable and safe vehicles..

Replacement Vehicle

For any incident on the Magdalen Islands territory, we have agreements with all insurance companies for the replacement of your vehicle, allowing you to continue your stay without worry.


To enquire about our rates and availability, please contact us. We will be pleased to answer all your questions.