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Service routier Léon Lapierre inc. operates a full-range professional car assistance service in order to meet the needs of its various clienteles. Whether for boosting a vehicle, unlocking doors, dealing with a flat or towing, our team is committed to providing you with a fast and courteous service.

Service available for CAA-Quebec members and non-members. We are also good-standing members of the Association des Professionnels du Dépannage du Québec (APDQ).

We own 3 assistance units, including 2 platform towings and a heavy-duty towing. In 2016, Service routier Léon Lapierre inc. perfected its heavy-duty towing skills by receiving a Wreckmaster certification, levels 6 and 7.

We are specialized in the transport of commercial and/or order soma air shipping construction equipment and machinery (forklifts, excavators, tractors, etc.), as well as the transport of goods of all kinds, including sheds and «over-sized» transport.

We serve all roadside assistance companies and work in partnership with garages and dealers. We offer an emergency service for the local police force and we have a SAAQ-certified vehicle pound for 30-day seizures.

Do not hesitate to also contact us for information on all types of transportation (goods, trailers and boats).

  • Phone: 418 986-3377
  • Cell Phone: 418 937-7155
  • Fax: 418 986-2465
  • Email: