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Driving Course Content

Since 1 April 2010, a driving course is compulsory for the award of the 6E class (3-wheel motorcycle). Motorcycle class holders are exempt from this requirement for driving a 3-wheel motorcycle. However, it is suggested that you take the appropriate driving course for this vehicle in order to assimilate the proper behaviours and maneuvers.

The duration of the course is 7 hours, i.e. 3 theoretical hours, 2 closed-circuit hours and 2 road circuit hours with a qualified instructor of the École de conduite des Îles. Once the required hours have been completed, a certificate of completion of the course is issued to obtain the 6E class.

The student can complete the practical hours with his own 3-wheel motorcycle or with the École de conduite des Îles, for a rental fee.

Additional Products and Services

  • Additional private extra course;
  • Rental of a 3-wheel motorcycle for the practical course.

Payment Terms

The entire course must be paid at the time of the theoretical course, as the course is spread over a single day. The total cost of training WITHOUT the 3-wheel motorcycle of the École de conduite des Îles (the student provides his own Spyder) is $300, taxes not included. The cost of the course including the 3-wheel motorcycle rental of the École de conduite des Îles is $420, taxes not included.